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If you care enough to make it amazing, you should not have to settle for fine.
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Here’s the thing about creators, dreamers, inventors — we don’t just want to make any old sock. We want, in the words of my indomitable Father-in-law to, “Make something’ bitchin’.”


Truth be told, we want to remake the world just a little bit. We want to leave it cooler, cleaner, happier, prettier, more interesting than it was when we got here. We want to give people hope, confidence, equality, peace. We want to help them get there faster, take their time, think more deeply, see more beauty, believe in the miraculous.


We don’t want to be the same.  We don’t want to be mediocre. We want what we put out into the world to be amazing. To be extraordinary. Every once in a while we see such genius take shape in real life. We experience a solution so brilliantly constructed that it shifts our current reality. We see this just often enough to know what it looks like, fall silent with awe, and turn slightly green with jealousy. But, what we end up creating doesn’t represent how we really want to be seen. It doesn’t represent our true magic. 

Leopard illustration
Leopard illustration

We start. We build. We get stuck.

We set up our own practice, helping people through their trauma - but we get overwhelmed trying to attract and grow a real community. Where are your people and how do you find them?

We hang out our shingle creating compelling websites for new authors, but hit a wall when we try to tell our OWN story. 

We start writing the newsletter that will change how people see vegans, but we get lost finding the exact convincing combination of words that make us sound funny and brilliant and just a tiny bit sexy.

We take the leap from cogging away at a big firm to build one that is more ethical and human, but spin our wheels trying to create a polished and professional image that aligns with our values and doesn’t make us look like total ass hats.

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You persist.

This thing you provide is important and possibly life changing or at least really pretty.

AND you are awesome to work with. 


YOU know what you do— sort of — but when you try to explain it to Aunt Margaret at the family dinner (or worse, that chic blonde at the Networking brunch) it comes out sounding like the teacher from Charlie Brown.


You help people in at least 65 different ways, and there are too many million questions,  ideas, and possibilities fighting for lead time in your head to cut through the clutter and even think of a name for what you do…

You need a new website, but that would require an actual message. And content. And an offer. And some idea what you should say and what it should look like and why anyone would want to hang out with you in the first place.


If people could only understand how special this is, but no one is handing out a blueprint for originality (Hint, we are.) and right now your image, your presence, is more like that white t-shirt you got at Walmart that you thought would be classic, but instead is just boxy and unflattering.  

A little clarity would be nice.

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The OS World Building Studio

The OS World Building Studio has 4 Goals:

number 1

Bring out the extraordinary vision that has been locked inside.

Not what you think you should do. Not your Uncle Jack’s version of success. We are letting out that light-it-up, change-the-world, spark that has been dancing inside waiting for oxygen. 


Pull that vision into reality.

Make the map, build the container. Create a deliciously irresistible destination where inhabitants come to fulfill a desire, reach a goal, feel a certain way. A place where the improbable is possible and the rules are whatever you make them. Where every detail is shaped to make doing this thing that your world does easier, funner (totally a word), better. 

number 3

Make it self sustaining.

Make it self sustaining. You can’t keep building the world of your dreams if it doesn’t pay for itself and run smoothly. Make it easy for people to invest in the experience they are experiencing AND automate your systems to work for you.

number 4

Give it wings.

Grow your world with such power, shine, and presence, that everyone hoping for solutions can find the path to what you are offering. 

The more immersive and detailed and personal you make the experience, the more people become obsessed with it.


Do you know what people do when they are obsessed with something? They talk about it. Not because it makes you look good. Not because you worked really hard or shouted really loud. Because it makes them feel good to share it. It makes them feel funny or wise or interesting to know about it, it helps them do more of what they love to do. In your world, they get to be the person they always wanted to be.


When you make people FEEL something — when you make them feel more human — all that delicious marketing is baked right in. You are not trying to convince anyone they want it. You just show them how to get there. Disneyland sells itself. 

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To create a business beyond the ordinary is to create a whole world in the same way that a director or author creates a world— a world with its own motivations, rules, and atmosphere.


It is the secret a really good hotel, or wonderful restaurant, and it is secret to bringing YOUR extraordinary business to vivid life.


Within these custom worlds things are possible that are not outside of them. Within your world, you create the conditions for each of us to accomplish what we have dreamed of and become the someone we always wanted to be.

The Opposite of Should World Building Studio helps you build that. 

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You can do things the way they have been done before. You can fold your dreams into a smaller carry-on, so they don't take up too much space - so you look cool, and low-maintenance, and baggage free. You can settle. It will feel safe.

It will be a lie.


Doing things the way they have been done before does not make you safe. It makes you invisible. It makes you bored.


When you stop trying to slice off pieces of yourself to fit into a premade box, and instead allow yourself the freedom to invent a space for what is possible, creating gets… fun. Your definition of “work” becomes strangely similar to “play.”  Have-to’s are somehow switched to Get-to’s. When you make your own container, you can make it ANY shape, any size. It can have wheels or wings. It can be bigger on the inside, with a library, time travel, and an olympic sized swimming pool. And then! Then, word spreads and there is a line to the door. Tickets to your world become Golden Tickets and everyone wants in.

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We need the thing only you can do. We need your opinions, talents, creativity, voice, energy, skills, education, obsessions, habits, humor, flaws, kinks, and specific flavor of madness. They are all wildly, uniquely, valuable. They are precisely what makes your world exciting.

You do not need Ted to give you permission, or give you the job. You are a painter of murals, a fashion designer, a chef, a magician, a writer, a mermaid, an inventor. 

Not partway. Not muddling through. Not settling.

Because joy is not just for weekends and vacations. Joy is for every single freakin' day. 

Stop judging your dreams and start creating the world you want to inhabit.

Register for your free exploration call. After we talk, I will send you a custom menu of options to help you pull all of those amazing, scattered, disconnected, and swirling ideas into a real life plan.


Success! I will be in touch.

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